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Moola Mohan Reddy

Dr. Moola Mohan Reddy, Curtin University, Malaysia

• PhD in the area of Machining of Advanced ceramics, Curtin University, 2013. 
• M.Tech. in Mechanical system dynamics and control, IIT, Kharagpur, India, 1999. 
• Bachelor degree in Mechanical engineering from Institution of Engineers, India, 1996.
1. Debnath, S, Reddy, M.M, Pramanik, A, 2019 “ Dry and Near-Dry Machining Techniques for Green Manufacturing”, Innovations in Manufacturing for Sustainability (Book series), 1-27. 
2. Dambatta, YS, Sayuti, M, Sarhan, Hamdi, M, Manladan, SM, Reddy, M.M, 2019 “Tribological performance of SiO2-based nanofluids in minimum quantity lubrication grinding of Si3N4 ceramic”, Journal of Manufacturing Processes 41, 135-147 
3. Reddy, M.M, Yong Chai Nie, V, 2019 “ Evaluation of Surface Roughness and Tool Wear in High Speed Machining of Inconel 718, Materials Science Forum, 943, 66-71. 
4. Reddy, M.M, Sng, WS, 2019 “ Temperature and Cutting Force Analysis in Turning of Steel AISI 4140 using Advanced Ceramics tools” Materials Science and Engineering,495 (1), 012090